Northern Ontario Committee

Chair: Dr. Sahil Koppikar

Vice-Chair: Chandra Farrer

Members: Dr. Jane Purvis, Dr. Wes Fidler, Dr. Frances Leung, Dr. Amanda Steiman, Dr. Saara Rawn, Dr. Deborah Levy, Dr. Derek Haaland, Dr. Matthew Piche, Dr. Carter Thorne, Dr. Laurence Rubin, Dr. Lauren King, Dr. Stephanie Gottheil, Dr. Alan Kagal, Dr. Bailey Dyck, Dr. Pat Donio, Shawn Brady, Anne MacLeod, Lynn Richards, Jocelyne Murdoch

Terms of Reference:

The mission of the Northern Ontario Committee is to improve access to care for patients in rural and underserviced communities. Our team is committed to identify healthcare strategies that will enable equitable care closer to home, thus improving patient and system outcomes, and overall value for the health care system in Ontario

The Northern Ontario Committee meets twice annually.