Annual Awards

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Ontario Rheumatologist
of the Year Award

Each year the ORA Awards Committee issues a request to its membership to nominate candidates for this prestigious award. The Rheumatologist of the Year award was established in order to recognize oustanding contributions in the field of rheumatology.

A sample of the official ORA nomination form may be accessed via this link: ORA Nomination Form – Rheumatologist of the Year

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Early Career Rheumatologist Award

In 2021, the ORA Awards Committee established the Early Career Rheumatologist Award. To be considered for this award, the ideal candidate is between 1-10 years of experience in their practice or academic career, has engaged with passion in an ORA project that has made an impact on the rheumatology community, has demonstrated longevity and commitment to the priorities of the ORA, and is a role model for early career members within the ORA.

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Distinguished Members Award

The Distinguished Members Award was established in 2023 to recognize established ORA members who have led exemplary careers. To be considered for this award, candidates must be at least 55 years of age. They are not required to be active in ORA initiatives; nor may they have received previous awards of recognition by the ORA (example: Rheumatologist of the Year). Candidates will be chosen annually by the ORA Awards Committee.

Rheumatologist of the Year Roll Call

  • 2023 Dr. Thomas Appleton
  • 2022 Dr. Nikhil Chopra
  • 2021 Dr. Henry Averns
  • 2020 Dr. Jane Purvis
  • 2019 Dr. Arthur Bookman
  • 2018 Dr. Deborah Levy
  • 2017 Dr. William Bensen (Posthumous Award)
  • 2016 Dr. Vandana Ahluwalia
  • 2015 Dr. Mary Bell
  • 2014 Dr. Ed Keystone
  • 2013 Dr. Janet Pope
  • 2012 Dr. Philip Baer
  • 2011 Dr. Claire Bombardier
  • 2010 Dr. Carter Thorne
  • 2009 Dr. Rachel Shupak
  • 2008 Dr. Peter Lee

Early Career Rheumatologist Award Roll Call

  • 2023 Dr. Sahil Koppikar
  • 2022 Dr. Yan Yeung
  • 2021 Dr. Thanu Ruban

Distinguished ORA Members Award Roll Call

  • 2023 Dr. Wes Fidler
  • 2023 Dr. Alfred Cividino
  • 2023 Dr. Jody Lewtas
  • 2023 Dr. Vincent Mak (Posthumous Award)