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Renew Your ORA Membership

Membership renewals for 2017/2018 are open this October! Please verify your membership type for this year and commence the renewal process by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

Regular Member

An applicant for Regular Member status shall be a person who is a graduate from a university whose accreditation is acceptable to the Board and who is the following:

  • a member in good standing of The College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Province of Ontario and actively engaged in the practice of rheumatology; or
  • under exceptional circumstances, a person whose practice and achievements demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Board, a competence and professional interest in the study of rheumatic diseases.

Regular Members have the right to attend and vote at all meetings and are subject to annual dues payments in order to maintain their membership standing.

Annual Dues (October 1 - 31 "Early Bird" Renewal): $150 CAD
Annual Dues (beginning November 1): $200 CAD


Physicians in a recognized rheumatology training program are eligible for free membership in the ORA for two years.

Annual Dues: $0 (Waived)

First-Year Rheumatology Practitioners

This membership category is for rheumatologists in their first-year, post PGY5.

Annual Dues: $100 CAD

Online Membership Renewal

Please note that you will need to login to this website with your email address and password in order to complete the membership renewal process.

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