Power your EMR

with a better viewTM

Upgrade your system. Save time.
An intuitive interface to your existing EMR where information is organized, more accessible & customized to your practice.

Designed for Rheumatology practice.
Allows you to see what is important in the delivery of care and relevant to you for real visibility into your practice. A workflow solution for inflammatory arthritis with a focus on better patient outcomes.

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View video for an introduction to RheumViewTM

Saves you time

Immediate note generation and charting

Provides real-time input and feedback with full clinic visibility

Makes life easier

Easy to use and intuitive

Fully funded smart tool that integrates seamlessly and effortlessly with your existing EMR

Smart rheum design that follows and prompts your workflow

Improves Experience

Earn valuable section 3 credits by accessing introspective view of your practice

A snapshot of what you’re doing well and what needs work

Provides you the insights from your EMR you always expected

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You already go above and beyond to ensure optimal patient care, your system should be powered to do the same.

Access the Members Only page for more information:

  • What to expect: Itemization of the simple steps to get you access

  • Screener: A screener to complete to better understand your EMR

  • Training videos: A series of instructional videos to simplify your onboarding

You’re on your way to a better view.


For any questions or additional support, contact us at support@rheumview.ca

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