Chair: Dr. Tom Appleton

Co-Chairs: Dr. Raman Rai (Quality Indicators Subcommittee)

Members: Dr. Henry Averns, Dr. Jane Purvis, Dr. Carter Thorne, Dr. Vandana Ahluwalia, Dr. Ashley Sterrett, Dr. Claire Bombardier, Dr. Deb Levy, Dr. Yan Yeung, Dr. Manisha Mulgund, Dr. Raj Dhillon, Dr. Derek Haaland, Dr. Bailey Dyck, Dr. Felix Leung, Dr. Brandusa Florica, Dr. Sandeep Dhillon

Terms of Reference:

  • Identify and represent the needs of ORA members with respect to Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), data, analytics, real world data, and real world evidence
  • Support the development and implementation of projects that advance the interests of ORA members’ needs including utilization of EMRs, quality improvement, practice improvement
  • Actively promote the generation and application of real world data and generation of real world evidence from the Ontario rheumatology sector to support the advancement of other ORA initiatives
  • Committee meetings are held twice each year (as a minimum); committee members also meeting as often as required to support active projects