OTN – OneID Registration Instructions

At the April 7, ORA Virtual Town Hall, Janet Gallant from OTN was able to answer many of your questions, including how to sign up!  We are pleased to share the following instructions directly from OTN:

From OTN:

You may access OTN services instantly (see option 1 below) if you work at an organization that is already an OTN member (If you are uncertain, please use this link to check: https://signup.otn.ca/org-signup/), and if you have a ONE ID username and password that you have never used to access OTN services at another organization.

Otherwise, a sign-up form (see option 2 below) will need to be submitted to register for services.  Physicians who do not have a ONE ID may directly register for ONE ID by logging in to their CPSO member account https://members.cpso.on.ca/.

Option 1: For instant access to OTN services with your ONE ID credentials under an OTN member organization:

  • Go to  https://otnhub.ca/  and click LOGIN
  • Click ONE ID
  • Select ONE ID as your organization for your ACCOUNT PROVIDER
  • Enter your ONE ID username and password then click LOGIN
  • Enter your organization name
  • Complete the rest accordingly.

Option 2: If the above does not apply to you,


(If organizational sign up, the Primary Contact-Service, who is OTN point of contact at your organization, would request access on your behalf)

  • If applicable, enter your organization name and click NEXT
  • Ensure to read each section carefully
  • Complete the rest accordingly.
  • Note: if organizational sign up, you can register up to 30 members on one application form by clicking Add an OTNhub User account

You may reference the FAQ on the sign-up page that can help you with signing up.