OHIP Bulletin (Posted on August 7, 2020)

To access the August 7, 2020 OHIP Bulletin, please click on this link: OHIP Bulletin Aug 7 2020

Please also note the following information provided by OMA President Dr. Samantha Hill:

Phase I Clarity
On July 9, the OMA announced the resolution of some issues around the Phase I codes. However, many members note that said resolution has not yet been actualized. Much discussion later, I can report that: 

  1. Effective immediately, any claims for specialist payment, for services rendered after March 14, 2020 but not yet billed, should be submitted using the K083 code inclusive of the value of all the eligible premiums (please see INFOBullein for the list of eligible premiums) and service code (an OHIP INFOBulletin will be posted shortly). 
  2. If physicians have already submitted claims for services under K083 for which premiums were eligible, a new code will be launched to allow for retroactive payment. Unfortunately, this will require OHIP computer programming, with the usual delay, with the intention being to aim for the October 2020 RA. (A separate INFOBulletin will announce this). 
  3. An equivalent management fee will also be implemented to pay physicians for eligible management fees such as K481. Management fees are not payable under K083. (A separate INFOBulletin will advise on the process and code to submit such claims).