MOHLTC Announcement: LU Code for Etanercept Effective July 31, 2019

Effective July 31, 2019. The Edition No. 43 document will be posted on the Ministry’s website by July 31, 2019.

Erelzi (etanercept) 25mg/0.5mL, 50mg/mL PFS, Pre-Filled Autoinj (SDZ)

LU Code 563

For the treatment of psoriatic arthritis in patients who have severe active disease (≥ 5 swollen joints and radiographic evidence of psoriatic arthritis) despite treatment with methotrexate (20mg/week) for at least 3 months and one of leflunomide (20mg/day) or sulfasalazine (1g twice daily) for at least 3 months.


After 12 months of treatment, maintenance therapy is funded for patients with objective evidence of at least a 20% reduction in swollen joint count and a minimum of improvement in 2 swollen joints over the previous year.

For renewals beyond the second year, the patient must demonstrate objective evidence of preservation of treatment effect.

Therapy must be prescribed by a rheumatologist or a physician with expertise in rheumatology.

The recommended dosing regimen is 50mg per week or 25mg twice weekly.

LU Authorization Period: 12 months