Ontario eConsult Service

The Ontario Rheumatology Association is working on improving patient access to specialist rheumatologic care across the province. One of the ways that this could be improved is enhanced access to subspecialist rheumatologists for community rheumatologists. Currently this is being done through emails, faxes and phone calls as well as requests for face to face consultations for community patients with subspecialists. We are proposing that we utilize the eConsult service already available in Ontario to allow community rheumatologists to request an eConsult with subspecialists such as yourself. This service is a secure web-based tool that allows information including patient history, lab and diagnostic imaging reports plus photographs to be sent to you. You can provide your opinion with the information provided or you can request more information, or request to see the patient in person. The information you send to the referring physician remains stored for further reference and you can provide guidelines and treatment algorithms that can be looked back at, possibly preventing further referrals to you.

Attached is further information on the service and we would be happy to facilitate your enrollment into the eConsult Program.

eConsult Fact Sheet

eConsult Follow Up Request Form