ORA Informatics Committee

The Informatics Committee was established in June 2016. The goal of the Informatics Committee is to develop an IT platform for ORA members, as well as a comprehensive data governance framework for the timely collection and analysis of a defined core data set. The platform will be embedded in improving clinical practice efficiency for rheumatologists and will enable the standardized collection of both clinical and administrative data to inform best practice, evaluate and develop models of care, and to demonstrate the value of rheumatology specialty services within the greater context of the provincial health care system.

August 20, 2018 - Request for Proposal - Development and Implementation of the Ontario Rheumatic Diseases Evaluation Registry (ORDER) Informatics Project

Link: Request for Proposal Document

Link: Expanded Dataset Defintions

Link: Questions from Vendors (Final)

*** Note: the deadline for applications  has been extended to Monday, September 24, 5pm EST.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Solutions for Ontario Rheumatologists

Top 3 EMR's currently being used by ORA Members:

1. QHR (Accuro)

QHR is the single largest EMR platform in Canada and is the market leader for specialists. QHR’s suite of technologies includes two products, Medeo Virtual Care and AccuroEMR. More than 50% of Community Rheumatologists in Ontario are using it. It is an Ontario Certified EMR that is available as ASP or local server option. 

Features include: Virtual Chart: for easy input and presentation of clinical data, a Forms and Form Builder that hosts more than 500 forms used by physicians, across specialties ( includes ORA, OBRI forms) to allow sharing across physicians and provinces, a Prescriptions Generator to create, manage, and track prescriptions, a Letter Generator and is Interfaced with  OLIS, and Hospital Report Manager.

Accuro has worked with the ORA to build a Rheumatology Package that includes: Disease specific forms for RA, SpA and General Assessment (with clickable homunculi and disease activity scores) Patient reported outcomes ( HAQ, BASDAI and BASFI), eOBRI forms, and rheumatology specific shortcuts. Accuro has given 2 options for integration which include training sessions to teach the physician how to incorporate the package OR activation of the package by the Accuro team for a small fee.


OSCAR is an Ontario certified EMR that is available through many certified vendors who provide support and training for staff and physicians. It is almost paperless with efax capabilities. It is a cost effective and open-source EMR that allows greater flexibility for users to optimize their experience.

Integrated Apps are available in Oscar and can be viewed at OSCAR offers all the necessary functions needed to run a medical practice including Billing, eforms, Drug interactions, virtual chart and interface with OLIS and HRM. OSCAR has been modified to meet Rheumatology needs. Forms available include  Disease specific forms, BASDAI calculator, CDAI calculator, OBRI-SpA form and homunculus. It is relatively easier to make templates in OSCAR to support your specific needs.

3. TELUS PS Suite

Telus, formerly known as Practice Solutions, is one of the oldest EMR platforms. It offers ASP and local server options. It was originally designed for Family Practitioners. In recent years, modifications that suit Rheumatology practice have been added.

The general features include: 1) Prescription management that allows creation; 2) Ability to graph any values including labs over time (e.g. ESR, CRP); 3) Tracking of prescriptions to alert in case of interactions or contraindications.

The program also allows a lot of flexibility in terms of making one's own template for notes, or stamps to insert in chart e.g. after a joint procedure. For those interested in research, there is an easy way to build fairly sophisticated search queries. Interface wih OLIS and Hospital Report Manager are also possible.

Telus Rheumatology Package includes Disease specific forms for RA, SpA; General Assessment with clickable homunculi and disease activity scores; Patient reported outcomes such as HAQ, BASDAI, BASFI, eOBRI forms and shortcuts to access these features.