Informatics Committee

In 2017, the ORA Informatics Committee set out to fill a need for Ontario Rheumatologists: the power to understand what is happening within our own Rheumatology practices by looking at our own real world data in Electronic Medical Record (EMR). There is a wealth of information in our EMRs that we could use to gain critical insights to our practice patterns, if we could only analyze it quickly enough to be useful. This is known as the ORDER (ORA Rheumatic Diseases Evaluation Registry) project.

After a busy year of planning and development, this project has matured and is now entering the phase of selecting partners to build a technology solution to support and implement the project by Q4 2019.



Point-of-care EMR data analytics will allow ORA members to identify areas of our practice that are doing well and other areas that need our attention. Analytics can also help rheumatologists identify specific patients who are not meeting the high quality of care we set for ourselves and our patients, identify opportunities to make our practices more efficient, and help us improve outcomes for patients with rheumatic diseases.


What is ORDER?

ORDER is a Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA)-compliant, secure, central data repository and technology solution for the extraction, storage, aggregation, analysis, and feedback of real-world Rheumatology EMR data to ORA member Rheumatologists. ORDER is designed to provide ORA members with a user-friendly, real-time mechanism to quickly assess our own practices and patients to participate in self-directed practice and quality improvement activities. ORDER also provides similar capability at a province level to allow ORA members to assess quality of care indicators as a field and identify priorities for system-level practice improvement initiatives.


ORDER Data Extraction and Analytics Process Request for Technology Proposals

A technology solution is required to process the data contained within our EMRs and feed it back to us quickly, so we can make decisions. The ORA Informatics Committee has developed a plan, created and ratified a Data Governance Framework, and issued a formal public Request for Proposals (RFP) from technology vendors across Canada to help build a technology solution. The RFP closed on September 24, 2018 and was followed by face to face interviews with qualifying tech developers on October 11, 2018. Discussions continue with a host of potential partners in addition to technology developers.

The Informatics Committee is now moving forward with a review of our partnering opportunities and has been charged with choosing, defining, and developing the quality and practice improvement metrics that will be published with the first iteration of the ORDER platform.

As with all ORA works, the ORDER project is an ORA member-driven initiative. The ORA Informatics Committee continues to invite and appreciates the feedback of all ORA members and stakeholders. Please send us your thoughts and ideas at Request Process


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