Good News Announcement from the OMA on E078!

The OMA announced yesterday that the payment equivalent to in-office fees will now be made for all virtual visits (assuming all requirements in the Schedule of Benefits are met), including E078!

Here is the email that was sent to the ORA: OMA Announcement – Good News For E078

Many people deserve credit in bringing about this significant change, but we feel it is important to single out a few individuals who went above and beyond:

Jane Purvis, for fighting tirelessly to make things right for our members and their patients. Your letter-writing campaign to MPPs, your advocacy work with the government and OMA and your determination to get the job done has paid off. Thank you Jane.

Philip Baer, for providing guidance to the membership on billing codes these last few months, and for sharing your deep expertise on OMA negotiations with the government. We are lucky to have you on our team.

Denis Morrice, for opening many doors to us when we needed to get in front of the right set of ears!

Julie Kovacs and Carter Thorne for your excellent representation of the ORA in your role as OMA Committee Co-Chairs at ORA, and OMA Section on Rheumatology leaders

ORA Membership, for writing letters to your MPPs, for sharing information with us on a regular basis and for your patience and trust in the ORA leadership. Thank you!