Chair: Dr. Janet Pope

Members: Dr. Bindee Kuriya, Dr. Daniella Ardelean, Dr. Jacob Karsh, Dr. Elaine Soucy, Dr. Sabeen Anwar, Dr. Carl Laskin, Dr. Roberta Schellenberg, Dr. Mary Bell, Dr. Stephanie Tom, Dr. Andrew Chow, Dr. Nikhil Chopra, Dr. Julie Kovacs

Terms of Reference:

  • Respond/react to various situations that involve therapies pertaining to Ontario Rheumatologists.
  • Proactively request for drug coverage using best practices and with available evidence medications to be reimbursed by the Ontario Government via special access or added to the formulary.
  • Other requests as deemed important to Ontario Rheumatologists and therapeutics as requested by the president of the ORA or board.
  • Prepare or adopt position papers in areas of importance in Ontario Rheumatology (as requested by the president, board).
  • Liaise with other committees/subcommittees/working groups such as EAP and private payer committee and possibly CRA therapeutics committee.
  • Potentially identify gaps in access to arthritis medications