Stakeholder Relations

Chair: Dr. Carter Thorne

Terms of Reference:

The success of the ORA has been developed in no small measure by presenting a single voice for Ontario Rheumatologists as THE “Experts in Arthritis Care”.

Formally identifying the various components of success, the ORA BoD has established the role of Director Stakeholder Relations. Stakeholder relations builds third-party networks that can develop credible, united voices about issues, products, and/or services that are important to our organization. On its own, a single voice can fall flat for many reasons, from a lack of credibility to a lack of volume. The result can be a failure to elevate the profile of an issue, sway opinion, or drive action. On the other hand, a chorus of voices can harmoniously crescendo, reaching desired audiences with the right message at the right time.

The Director of Stakeholder Relations, reports to the Board and works with President, Executive Director, ORA program Manager and Committee Chairs to ‘magnify’ the ORA message and brand, to ensure maximum exposure and impact.