ORA Executive Committee

The ORA Executive committee sets the direction of the ORA and conducts the organization's business on behalf of its members. The ORA executive committee is renewed every year at the Annual General Meeting. A complete list of the ORA Executive Committee, Board of Directors and individual Committees is available via this link: ORA Committees: 2018.


ORA Models of Care (MOC) Committee

Despite major advances in therapeutics, research shows that Ontarians living with Inflammatory Arthritis (IA) are still not receiving the right care at the right time. Therefore, a coordinated and integrated approach to enhancing care for patients living with IA is urgently required.  The ORA continues to be very focused on driving the Model of Care initiative forward in Ontario; and we know that the delivery of care paths must consider regional needs to be successfully adopted. Stay tuned for more information on this very important initiative. 
Learn more about the ORA MOC Initiative (PDF)

ORA Informatics Committee:

The Informatics Committee was established in June 2016. The goal of the Informatics Committee is to develop an IT platform for ORA members, as well as a comprehensive data governance framework for the timely collection and analysis of a defined core data set. The platform will be embedded in improving clinical practice efficiency for rheumatologists and will enable the standardized collection of both clinical and administrative data to inform best practice, evaluate and develop models of care, and to demonstrate the value of rheumatology specialty services within the greater context of the provincial health care system.

ORA Manpower Committee

The ORA Manpower Committee was established to improve the number and distribution of rheumatologists practicing within Ontario, with the goal of improving patient care. In 2014, the Manpower Committee launched the RheumCareers initiative, an online resource and communications campaign dedicated to inspiring students and residents to practice rheumatology in Ontario communities in need. In addition to overseeing the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations (OSCE) event in June of each year, the ORA Manpower Commitee is also focussing its efforts on establishing elective community placement sites for rheumatology residents. The goal of this project is to promote clinical experience in communities outside of the GTA.

Ontario Rheumatology Association Development & Education (ORADE) Committee

The ORADE Committee was established to promote and support education and awareness within rheumatology. The mandate of the Committee is to encourage members in their professional development through formal coursework, conferences, and informal learning opportunities situated in clinical practice. Since its inception in 2014 the ORADE Committee has sponsored over 8 candidates to attend both EULAR and ACR conferiences. Grants are available to ORA members and Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) to attend any international scientific meeting (max value $5,000) or any international rheumatology-related course (max value $2,500). Grant recipients are required to share their learnings by producing a summary report for our members. To review reports from current and past ORADE candidates, please click here.

ORA Exceptional Access Program (EAP) Public Payer Committee

The purpose of the EAP Public Payer Committee is to engage and collaborate with government officials to ensure that the most up to date medical and scientific criteria is being used for the reimbursement of arthritis medications and in a timely fashion.

ORA Private Payers Committee

The purpose of the ORA Private Payer Committee is to engage and collaborate with the insurance companies primarily through the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association to ensure that the most up to date medical and scientific criteria is being used by all companies for the reimbursement of arthritis medications. Further, to have the companies accept single page forms. Also, to harmonize access criteria with Public Payers.

ORA Financial Committee

The ORA Financial Committee manages all financial activity related to the organization. An Annual Stakeholder Report is produced each year and shared with our Industry Sponsors.

ORA Allied Health Professionals (AAP) Committee:

While having always worked closely together, the ORA motioned to formally establish their relationship with AAPs by establishing the AAP Committee in June 2016. The committee includes ORA Executive members, Arthritis Healthcare Professional Association (AHPA) Board members and a community AHP. An official Governing Principles document has been written to facilitate AHP participation at the ORA AGM and may be reviewed via this link: Governing Principles. The ORA is pleased with this inter-professional partnership and will invest appropriately to support it. As always we welcome feedback and advice.

ORA Therapeutics Committee:

The ORA Therapeutics Committee role is to respond to real-time situations that involve therapies pertaining to Ontario rheumatologists. The Therapeutics Committee operates autonomously from the ORA EAP and Private Payers Committees, but consults with the respective committee chairs before engaging in related work. Position papers will be prepared and adopted in areas of importance as requested by the ORA President, Board of Directors or stakeholders.

ORA Communications Committee

The ORA Communications Committee manages the website, newsletter, email distribution and general communications to members and industry partners. The goal of the Committee is to offer content that is  refreshed frequently and relevant to our members and viewers at large. To post an item that you think is newsworthy, please contact Sandy Kennedy.

ORA AGM Committee 

The ORA AGM Committee is responsible for planning and executing the Annual Meeting that takes each year in May. The AGM has proven to be an enormously successful event that brings together rheumatologists and AHPs from across Ontario. The event is successful in attracting reputed speakers and offers a variety of workshops throughout the 2-day conference. Information on the conference may be found here.